A few favorites…

So many little tidbits these past few weeks that I’ve enjoyed reading…

This piece about a family in Russia who remained on their own for 40 years isolated in a remote mountainous forest area affected every single thought I’ve had this week.

Endocrinologist and psychiatrist, Whybrow shares apt informatino on the human brain and it’s twisted (but normal) obsession with technology.

Stunningly nontraditional, intricate and colorful feather art. It won’t make sense until you see it.

Fascinating article about the second amendment with all the gun discussion finally taking place after tragedy after tragedy after tragedy.

Simply love this graphic for the kitchen.

Yet another article about vaccine complications, this one making major news networks and being completely undeniable. Cringe.

I’ve met people who’ve said things like “I don’t believe in feminism.” Well, this article will make you think twice about reality.

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