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Our summer schedule has begun. It’s not quite summer officially, but with Memorial Day weekend, we usher in the busy-work-schedule-time-of-the-year for us. And the return of night-shift. (Boy, it’s been a long time.)

So, what does this mean? Well, I’ve been trying to figure that out myself. Am I happy or sad to be alone every single night after all three kids are safe-and-soundly asleep?

The Quiet: Oh, so nice.
A Bit Lonely: Already missing being able to catch up after a long day with my husband and not talk through the hubbub of three kids.
Messy House: What messy house? I’m on the computer.

And so here’s to writing many more blog posts through this busy summer season. What else do I have to do after 8 o’clock now anyhow?

And cheers to our Tuesday and your Saturday and to a long weekend for everyone. Hope you enjoy my favorite links from the week.

2011-05-28 - link share - rosie dreams post

reminder read

I ran across this article and it reminded me yet again how important it is for us to simply remind ourselves of the summer-time basics of being in the water. If you’re short on time, just read the first three paragraphs. We’re talking safety here.


I searched all of the inspiring minimalist posts I love to read each week and this one stood out the most for me. Thanks again Leo.

And because I’ve been out of the feminist-media-loop lately, when I watched this I suddenly felt alive again. Hear me roar! (Wait, shhhh, don’t wake my children.)

reality check

This right here is an example of the real-life mommy blogs I’m inspired by. Another new-find. Love the refreshing honesty Sarah of The Unwrapping writes with.

And Mama-Om, now SweetSky, and her passionately real description of that oft-experienced second child adjustment. Whew, my second child was a huge adjustment too. Took a good two years to sort through, embrace and settle into it comfortably.

mother nature’s gifts

Terrallectualism shares foraging Fridays and really changes my life. How did I not know that this is edible?!?!

And for that matter, these.

Lots of anticipating how not to have to buy a bunch of seeds again can be made into reality here.

I realize this is probably not so realistic for most urban dwellers, but surrounded by acres of foliage here, I’m inspired. Funny thing is I’d made my own mini-trellises with long apple-tree-branch sticks a month ago but had this stupid notion that they would only work well while the plants were young. Right, everything that’s been purchased is better?! Geesh, even my own thinking falls prey to this on occasion.

And on the top of my list of learning-in-the-kitchen to-do’s: Making Vinegar the Old Way.


What else can I say to sell this one: Impossible Mid-week Meals. Five minutes prep! I’ll take it any day of the week.

Inspired by these egg nests…and the French cookbook to boot. Why don’t we purposefully challenge our kids more, anyhow?

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1 comment to Favorites for the Week

  • Thank you for saying what you said, here and in your comment on my blog. After taking a bit of a hiatus, thinking i was *done* blogging, i decided i had something more to say. and i’m so glad to hear it spoke to you.

    i totally hear you on summer ushering in a different kind of busy-ness. i am anticipating having some evenings free now, too, since the work i do quiets down over the summer. and maybe, just maybe, i’ll be writing more.

    thanks again, deeply.