Balance and Learning

Joshua got me this loom the Christmas before last. A lovely rigid heddle loom for the ever-dreaming-of-new-projects-whilst-never-mastering-any person that it turns out I am. I didn’t realize this was when I was younger. I called what I experienced eager curiosity. Named it willingness to try anything new.

But as the years have passed, I’ve started to wonder about these urges. Urges that have me buying skeins of yarn for projects I’ve seen but can’t sit myself down to figure out long enough to make something of them. Passionate impulses around fabric I may never sew into something. And sometimes I’ve even recognized a piece of jealousy hitching along for the ride. A bit of what I see clearly in my own daughter who enthusiastically says in all honesty, If she can do it, so can I!
2011-04_rosiedreams_warping for  loom
So, I’d fallen in love with the idea of weaving. And I actually tricked myself into thinking it would be simpler than crochet or knitting, which still baffle me with their intricate patterns written in secret-I-can’t-slow-my-brain-down-long-enough-to-decipher-code.

Yes, long swaths of weaving, back and forth, that might be a better fit for my Virgo-esque desire for creative repetition. For setting up a loom and then coasting in autopilot as you put the thing together sounds a lot better than working a little, stopping to follow directions, working a bit more, checking in again, and so on.

Boy was I fool.

The first night the loom and I met, I struggled to figure out how to get the “simple” pieces put together and tied on. Husband came to my rescue and helped me get it all set up. And I became dependent on the second brain in the room. What is this saying? I begged him to read on and on with me.

The second night I energetically pulled out the loom, dreaming of weaving by bedtime, I ended up realizing there’s a lot more to warping than I’d imagined. I felt like barfing as I read and re-read the directions making no sense of each and every line of text in Learning to Weave. I felt defeated.
2011-04_rosiedreams_warping for  loom
I took out Creative Weavingand breathed in the rich pages of color, warp and weft balancing everything out again.

And then every time I thought about taking the loom out again, I didn’t feel like it.

For a whole year.

It sat under my bed, clouds of woolies floating freely around it’s lovely box. Vacuum gently nudging it each and every week as I bustled about attempting to ignore the feeling of dread it was causing me to consider another try in setting it up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But eventually, birthdays celebrated, Christmas and solstice past, I finally drug out the Glimakra box. Warily, I’ll admit.

And then it was time to figure this beast out. So I sat again, the kids’ bedtime fading into early morning hours. And this time I swear I was truly ready to throw up. The warp was @#&#ed up. The knot tying was hideous. And I finally took my scissors out and was just about to cut the whole thing off the loom when Joshua gasped. Really?!

Thank goodness for that inhalation. I sat and stared a bit longer and then re-attempted tying the warp off. And an hour later had something that looked alright.
2011-04_rosiedreams_warping for  loom
And so here it is at long last. The first project. On it’s way now.
2011-04_rosiedreams_warping for  loom

And what have I learned so far?
1. I still suck at word problems. Mental incapacity to read and make sense of anything in a productive sense.
2. I do love yarn, but have a lot to learn about it.
3. I must get better at winging it and making mistakes along the way. Never was good at doing it gracefully but this new craft if forcing me to do it respectfully.
4. Which leads to my picking the wrong heddle. I’m living with that choice each and every stroke made. Darn it but know that I won’t make that mistake again.
5. My brain is NOT too old to learn new tricks. Yay for that lively feeling of finally getting this thing going.
And so, this week, I feel balanced. Both because I’m managing to escape to my bedroom midday for a few new rows of weaving as I soak up some sunlight AND because life is full but in all the right places at this moment in time.
2011-04_rosiedreams_warping for  loom
Now, bring on the rain Northern California! We’re ready for it. And the garden too. Which was my inspiration for this table runner. Thrifted yarn that saved the day!
2013-03-04_rosiedreams_blog_lettuce in garden

Ahem. Anyone else happen to be a weaver? Heck, anyone with a love for the crafts, Cheers to creative energy!

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4 comments to Balance and Learning

  • Judy Sprinkle

    Looks scrumptious! You’ve always been able to do most anything you’ve put your mind to. :+}

  • Hi, I found your blog through MBC. I love your blog so much! Your photos are beautiful and your life with your family looks very peaceful and happy. I’m following you via email now. I’d love for you to stop by my blog when you have a chance. I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. :)

    • Thanks for visiting. I haven’t been getting here to write as much as I think about it…but so it goes sometimes. Thanks for sending me your link. I’ll check it out.