Gratitude: Fresh Air and Sunshine

Spring is here.

Each morning I have to ask myself whether the cold warrants a fire. And though it still does, the tide’s are turning. The greenhouse is beginning to need much more ventilating. And the daffodils are springing up, still an absolute surprise as we celebrate our third year living in this wonderful place in Northern California.
2013-03-27-beach spiral photo black sands
I jinxed us last week, or at least it feels like I did. During the last week of winter I declared aloud “Wow, we didn’t get sick at all this winter. How amazing!” And I secretly wondered to myself if it was our fabulously nutritious eating, our wonderful exercise regimen or just overall lucky immune systems. And so the next week we got the sniffles. Then a two day repreve. And then the flu hit. So, coming out on the other side of the flu…

I’m so incredibly grateful for my family, who’s taken good care of me while my body decided to demand absolute rest.
2013-03-27-beach lou photo black sands
Grateful for love all over.

Outdoors as the mist falls after an amazingly glorious week of sunshine kicking off the new season.

Then watching the internet world light up with supporters of equal rights inspiring and reminding me that our world is changing at its own slow but definite pace. And when things do seem just about to fall to pieces, environmentally, economically, and socially, people will and do emerge, collectives form, and power percolates until it pushes us in leaps and bounds ahead, catching up to where it’s been missed so long.
2013-03-27-beach rose photo black sands
Gratitude for weekends spent with far away family this month.

For having the simple but amazing opportunity to watch my family grow in leaps and bounds right before my eyes, each moment of the day. And yes, beginning to mourn the loss of this with my two biggest-littles eager to try “school-school” out next year.
2013-03-27-beach sand angel photo black sands
And special gratitude for my partner, who keeps this home of ours in a perpetual place of balance that none of us could do on our own. I love you, J.
2013-03-27-best husband ever
What are you thankful for this week?

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3 comments to Gratitude: Fresh Air and Sunshine

  • I miss reading you! Where are you??

    • Wow. I haven’t opened this blog in a few months. Not sure how the time slips away…and yet that’s not entirely true. Maybe I’m watching the time pass and simply enjoying it. Anyhow, this place has been on my mind. And now that I’m logged in and all… a new post perhaps. Thanks for checking in, both of you lovely ladies. Hugs.

  • hello dear, i’m with kiersten up there…been checking in and while i never grow tired of looking at that stone mandala, am wondering about you too. i hope that your absence is part of the ‘absolute rest’ bit that you are giving yourself. xo