Gratitude: Warming Winter

False spring is here. I don’t know if that’s a real term…but it seems to fit.

The bulbs are punching through the bright green grass. The sun is shining on the orchard. And we are in for new growth this week. And I suppose some more rain and ice right after that.

But while the sun warms us all up here, we’re enjoying it. Not spending as much time outdoors as I’d like due to a wild-dogs-eat-chicken-on-the-backstep issue last week…which s pretty nice after being freezing for the past two months.

And gratitude surrounds us. Envelopes us. Fills us with joy and it’s own form of warmth and contentment.

I’m filled with joy as the Meyer lemon sunshine catches my eye when I pass through the kitchen. A huge thanks to friends with trees who have “too much” fruit.

And thankful for a new batch of homemade marmalade stacked in the pantry for peanut butter sandwiches, crepes and pop-over bliss.

Gratitude on all levels for a clean kitchen. It only lasts an hour, but the contentment it gives me is worth a million bucks. Sunshine…table…family…and food. this rare moment lasts about an hour here, before the tables set once again, we eat, and amazingly, these three children of mine manage to eat a ton and then drop plenty in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

And special thanks for the squash family, which sustains us through winter like no other vegetable. Pumpkin juice has been a special pleasure around here these past few months.

Beyond thankful that our colds have come and gone, and the vitamins and herbs are doing their jobs nicely.

Lastly, thanks to all the plants on this wonderful planet Earth. Aloe, special thanks to you dear friend. I know you don’t care for our moist shaded home, but we will attempt to take good care of you this time.

And last but not least, thank you to those who still stop in read here. It remains a treat to be able to write and share tidbits here and catch up on your respective blogs and in person. And now, anyone care to join me in thanks?

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