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Happy Saturday! Here are a few things to browse this weekend on Sharing Saturday…
* links to online contests or give-aways (because I’m a sucker for both), and
* links to a few good reads (e.g. articles, blog posts, photos).

My sharing is focused on living a simple, environmentally-friendly, and balanced lifestyle.

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Oh dear. Lots of contest links today. I just kept finding more and more ones of interest this last week…

Holiday making and shopping is already beginning to sneak into my mind. Here’s a wonderful contest for a $50 gift certificate to Magic Cabin, a great online childrens store. Deadline: August 10

“Mommy PR” has a giveaway for a NaturaWorld Wool and Cotton Comforter (Retail Value $271.20 – $456.00). Winner chooses the size they would like. Doesn’t that sound heavenly for winter? Deadline: August 10

I’ve had glass or metal straws on my “to-buy someday” list for a few years now. Here’s a contest for Glass Dharma Drinking Straws. Head on over to win. Deadline: August 13

“Familylicious” is giving away a Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug Ride (think: wooden toddler toy). Hmmm… methinks Glenn would enjoy one of these. Deadline: August 15

I’m a sucker for pearls. Classic, simple and beautiful. “Salad for Breakfast” is giving away a black freshwater pearl necklace next week. Deadline: August 15


Anyone else have perfectionist tendencies? Hmmm…not me?! Read here if you can readily admit it. :)

OK, I’m usually very shy of anything with the words “stock” and “portfolio” in it…but this post on “Get Rich Slowly” about how to help your children learn about building a stock portfolio caught my eye and managed to retain my interest…which is impressive considering my overall distaste for financial management.

Another fascinating finance post: Does Your Handbag Show a Simple, Green & Frugal Life? Check it out.

And to completely mix things up…I stumbled on this blog a few months ago and find inspiration here with every update. In Rambling Praise of Wildcrafting–inspiring, rooted and deeply in touch with life of all kinds.


Metropolitan Mama shared this a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. Stop by and check out Milas Day Dreams and the creativity of this Mama!

Anyone else have a child who is hooked to finger sucking? I’m thinking of trying “Anna Marie Horner’s” suggestion for my daughter and her irresistible thumbs! At least it doesn’t require knitting.

I’ve been pondering making snack bags for the kids to kick the ziplock habit for a while now. “Angry Chicken” has a simple and very manageable tutorial here.

“Love Maegan’s” quick-make carry bag is such a cool idea for the littles or older kids to make. No sewing necessary. And most everyone has a tank top laying around! Take a peek.

And finally, a cute post at “Digital Photography School entitled, How Not To Take a Self-Timer Portrait. Are you in the know?

Cheers everyone!

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5 comments to Lots More Links

  • anne

    Love the reusable baggie idea! Even I can do that.

  • Ooh, I do like a nice linky post to click through with a cup of coffee. And yes, I do have terrible perfectionist tendencies – I’m trying to beat them though, so I’m off to have a look and see if there are some good hints in there.

  • Thanks for all the links, it’s always nice to have someone else do the surfing work for you.
    And thanks for visiting my blog.

  • Our 16-month-old sucks two of her fingers. She’s done it ever since day 1 – from birth. Our older daughter never did so I’m not sure what to do. Ignore it? Gently tell her no to do it? Pull her fingers out of her mouth from time-to-time? I’m not worried about it at this point…just curious how other parents have dealt w/ it.