Monotone & the Self Portrait ~ 6

I’ve been feeling really monotone this week. Neither chipper nor depressed. Just a little bit like my feet aren’t on the ground, my head’s up in the clouds, and life is going on around me as I slowly look about and wonder what to do next.
2013-09-14 rosiedreams - self portrait 6 bedroom window sunlight
Yes, the bliss of dropping off two kids to return to a quiet home has sunk in. And perhaps I’ve started to baffle over the to do’s I’ve given up on getting to these past few years.

There are many.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Actually, I remember the day I threw out my ‘to do’ list.

I’d been homeschooling for about a year and wasn’t getting to much else. Yet each week the list grew longer.

I woke thinking about that list. I tossed in bed thinking about how to get to anything on it the next day. And I tried to squeeze pinches of bits in between meals and cleaning and teaching.

Until finally one day I decided the stress of this self-created list was done for now. Things would get done when they got done. Backing up computer or no, life is going on whether or not I fret over my list.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, as soon as the honeymoon of the first week faded into the weekend, the old to do’s began re-surfacing. Plenty of plain, life-sucking, boring things mixed in with time-consuming larger projects that any person dreads.

And so this week I haven’t been able to decide what to do with myself.

It’s been a funny and good week.

And here’s a quick photo shot as the kids spruce up their fairy digs under the tree outback and attempt to busy little brother’s hands so they don’t take apart each step of their work.
2013-09-14 rosiedreams - self portrait 6 bedroom full window sunlight
Thinking about what to do to get a bit more creative now that I have nearly a week’s worth of self-portraits.

I’ve never been much for acting. At all. I find it super crazy uncomfortable. But I’ve gotta tap into something beyond the smiling at the camera bit now that I’ve figured out focus with the self-timer. Any ideas? Dares? :)

Speaking of which, it’s really kinda fun. I’m enjoying this little project.

And it’s getting me back in this space, which is an extra perk.

Cheers! And I hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend. Autumn is upon us now. I can feel her.

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