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I have WAY too many tabs open right now. And it’s because I keep running into things that I want to read…without the time to read them. I keep seeing things I want to share…and so I leave it in a tab until this weekly link-love post. And I suppose I do it too because I’m a serial multi-tasker.

So, may something from my reading this week peak your own curiosity and interest. Cheers!
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I enjoyed watching this video “A family of 3 in 320 square feet.” In the tiny rainforest village we lived in in Suriname, it was a family of 8 to 12 in 200 square feet. So I was definitely curious to see how these Americans were managing it.

On my Unclutterer fix again. Fascinating read: “Self-control is an exhaustible resource.” True for me. True for my three year old. And as it turns out, true for us all.

Because I’m always looking for ways to cut down in our home…and because my three kids take out everything we own on a daily basis (or at least it feels that way on many days)…I loved reading “Detox Your Living Room in 10 Easy Steps.”

And on the flip-side, Anna Maria Horner via SouleMama posted about five kids, the mess that ensues, and the peace that one simply has to find at some point. I needed this, . And if you have kids and your house is a mess, take a moment to read this beautifully written post.

Inspired by Bill Cunningham. Professional and Passionate Photographer of the past. What does his home look like? And why does everyone these days need to live in such designer spaces to “be” happy?

Lost in gorgeous antique photographs on Les Yeux Sans Visage from the Lumiere Brothers. Antique photos breathe life into the past.

I stumbled upon these fireplaces and they stay lodged in my mind. A bit of lusting going on…over Swedish kakelugnen, mind you. Funny, the things that ignite our imaginations and desires.

OK, I don’t personally own too many dresses, though I do love dresses and skirts, especially since I can’t stand shorts (on myself). And Elizabeth Cline’s research on “The History of a Cheap Dress” was intriguing. Do you have a humanitarian closet? Does that exist these days?

A witty and poignant read about sex and breastfeeding. Doesn’t that make you wanna read it?

Banana, Cream Cheese, Nutella = Cake. Deliciously decadent food and gorgeous photos to boot.

On my actual list of meals to make this week…

And because all I seem to be capable of sharing today in regards to food are desserts…well, this one’s only made from one single ingredient. Gotta try this one.

And to wash all that sweetness down…homemade ginger ale. Because, why not?

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1 comment to Reading for the Week

  • yay for fun links! thanks especially for the antique photos…i just spent a good half hour swooning.

    and you ARE on the dessert tip this week, as evidenced by your drooling over those “hookers”. xoxo