The Boy is Here

Yes. I finally did it.

2012-01 - boys long hair

Ahhh, toddler long locks...

I sat down with boy-boy on my lap, carefully running my fingers through his gnarled tangle of wisps on the back of his head. “Can you bring me the hairbrush,” I called my daughter in the other room. “He won’t sit still long.” The brush arrived in moments and I gently pulled apart his little dred-starter. And suddenly I was ready.

After resisting even the idea of cutting those baby-locks, I was ready. “Quick, grab me the scissors from my bathroom closet!” And within moments I had taken the first cut.

And you know, after that’s done it’s a process that’s simply awaiting a finish. So, I followed my boy around the house and continued taking cuts here and there as he picked up books, sat and “brrrrrrr”ed his toy cars, snacked on breakfast no one had finished earlier. And not one moment of regret flickered into mind.

2012-01 - boys new homemade haircut walking

My little boy with short hair. Sigh.

My son is growing up. He’s almost two now. And he’s a little boy now, no doubt. I know. I’m the last one to finally admit it. Baby no longer in the factual sense of the word. Nearly past “toddler” these days.

He’s quiet and yet bold when he wants to be.
He’s careful and dedicated to the task ahead.
He’s sensitive and caring, without being too worried about others at any moment.
2012-01 - boys new homemade haircut
And his hair is short now. And I love it. And I swear being able to see that little nape makes him appear six months older in one fell swoop. How do haircuts do that?! It’s like the simple act of cutting long strands of hair provides renewed connection and perspective.

Anyhow, I was wary about cutting boy-boy’s hair, as I’ve been working on mastering ‘girl-hair’ these past few years. Does anyone else still cut their kids’ hair these days? Tell me I’m not the only frugal-fart who can’t stand paying $15 for someone else to trim their kids’ hair. Heck, I can’t stand to pay someone $15 to trim my hair.

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