Book Review: Think of Those in Need

Happy Saturday! A few things to browse this weekend on Sharing Saturday…
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I’m in the throes of de-cluttering again. We seem to accumulate so much stuff so quickly these days. In honor of some more late-spring-cleaning and the beauty of moving our stuff along to others…
2010-06-19 - Sharing Saturday - The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need, by Stan and Jan Berenstain
The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need, by Stan and Jan Berenstain, beautifully shares a healthy cycle for the stuff we all accumulate.

We get too much stuff. It gets annoying. We go through our things. We choose things to send along on their way. Stuff changes hands. And, we feel better on so many levels afterwards.

Reading this book is a great way to share with your kids a healthy process they can be a part of.


Maggie at “Dexter’s Super Savvy Mommy” is giving away an awesome Ergo Baby Carrier. ‘Nuff said. Deadline: June 30

Lands End. $100. Hmmm…sounds nice to me. Deadline: June 30


Did I mention recently that we’re eating a lot of salads lately? Yes, hot weather makes cool, crunchy salads so wonderful. And with that in mind, “Tea and Cookies” shares her own little pep talk to get the great-salad-ideas going.

Especially pertinent in my de-cluttering efforts again this week…. “Unclutterer” shares a sound article on feeling guilty about parting with sentimental clutter. We all have it. We all have to deal with it.

A great read for anyone regarding post-partum support. “Inder Loves Folk Art” has got it exactly right!

And who couldn’t use some more hints on How to Talk to Your Children About Sex? My favorite part of the article, “Take your child on dates…This will set the bar high for her future dates.” I’m loving this idea!

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2 comments to Book Review: Think of Those in Need

  • We have that same Berenstain Bears book and the overall message is fantastic. That said, I’m typically not a huge fan of the Berenstain Bear books. The father is almost always made out to be bumbling, selfish, and lazy…and then mama bear swoops in to save the day. I much prefer books where fathers are strong, selfless, and hard-working – and where families come up with solutions together.

    • I like your thoughts on Berenstain Bears, but don’t mind the caricatures as much personally. And, out of them all, I think this one portrays a great lesson with a positive vibe. So true though. Papa Bear is most usually a bumbling, inexact character.